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Grant Requests

Program Enrichment Grant

SHS PTSA’s budget includes a line item for grants and gifts to the school. Staff, students, or parents at SHS may request that a portion of these funds be applied to an expenditure that benefits SHS students.

How to request a grant through SHS PTSA:

  • Complete the Grant Request Form online

  • If applicable, indicate the specific item (e.g., model number) and cost of the item

  • SHS PTSA Co-Chairs will submit all grant requests to the principal for preliminary approval

  • Once approved by the principal, the Grants Committee will review the request

  • The Grants Committee provides input and raises questions and concerns before coming to a vote

  • The Grants Committee will notify the applicant about the approval or denial of the request

Grant Committee Members 

  • ​Co-Chairs

  • Treasurer

  • Cultural Arts Chair

  • One or two SHS PTSA committee chairs who are “well seasoned” SHS parents 

The Grants Committee members are carefully chosen based on experience at the school, experience with PTSA, and their ability to make informed decisions that would most likely reflect the views of the greater population of SHS parents.

Program Enrichment Grant Guidelines

Grants funds are intended for:

  • Startup programs

  • Items not part of the regular educational program of the school district

  • Programs that support the PCSD and District PTSA missions

  • Programs that involve groups of students

  • Clubs and programs sponsored through the school and supervised by SHS advisor(s)

  • Teacher programs or supplies

  • Speakers presenting at the building level


Grant funds may not be used for:

  • The sole means of program support

  • Use by any external non-profit organization

  • Use by a booster club

  • Travel expenses (including transportation and lodging)

  • Equipment for curricular use; equipment for enrichment activities is acceptable

Please note that grant recipients may not reapply for additional funding for the same program within three years.

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